Michael Ebeling, M.A., brings over 15 years of publishing, consulting, book promotion and author business management experience to Ebeling & Associates.  Michael’s experience with leading authors and publishing companies and talent for creating innovative opportunities enables him to effectively advise and support clients in realizing their goals. 

Most recently, Michael has been consulting with George Mateljan, the founder of Health Valley Foods, in the launch of his new book, The World’s Healthiest Foods.  Mateljan seeks to affect millions of people around the world by educating readers on what foods are the most nutrient rich and how they can be easily prepared in just a few minutes.  As a self-published project, Michael is responsible for all aspects of the book launch, including printing, distribution, platform and business development, and book marketing and promotion.  The World’s Healthiest Foods has achieved the highest sales for a one-book publisher in the history of MidPoint Distribution Company, in excess of $1 million in sales.

Michael spent seven years as the CEO of Alan Cohen Publications (ACP), managing the business and marketing.  During his tenure at ACP, Michael sold four Cohen titles to US publishers and a number of foreign rights to more than 10 countries.  In addition to increasing overall sales by 30%, Michael managed world-wide book tours and retreats, branded the company message through mediums such as a corporate DVD, website, promotional materials and press kits.  Michael booked national shows for the author including CNN, Fox News with Neil Cavuto, and WGN and secured placements for articles in publications such as Body and Soul and First for Women.  In 2005, Michael sold Alan’s book, Why Your Life Sucks and What You Can Do About It, to Toni Burbank at Bantam Dell.  Through his endeavors, the book has become a best-selling hit, selling over 100,000 copies.

A year after his tenure at ACP ended, Michael and Alan joined in another project, the sale of his newest book to a major New York publishing house in a pre-emptive deal.  Relax Into Wealth: How to Get More by Doing Less was published by Tarcher/Penguin Putnam in January 2007.

Michael founded Ebeling and Associates Literary Agency in 2005 to provide literary management and consulting services to well-positioned and inspired authors.  In that time, the company has landed dozens of book deals including Management Rewired: Why Feedback Doesn't Work and Other Surprising Lessons from The Latest Brain Science by Charles Jacobs (Portfolio/Penguin May 2009), Instant Wealth: Wake Up Rich by Chris Howard (John Wiley & Sons December 2009), Pacify Me: A Handbook for the Freaked Out New Dad by Chris Mancini (Simon and Schuster May 2009), and What's Your Body Telling You by Steve Sisgold (McGraw-Hill July 2009).  Michael enjoys working in promoting authors’ messages and seeing years of hard work pay off in national prominence for his clients.

With a unique talent for merging the worlds of business and spirituality, Michael enjoys developing long-term client relationships based on a deep sense of caring and integrity.  Michael’s brightest talents and greatest pleasures is working “hands-on” with authors – helping them to distill their message, create opportunities and niche markets, identify the steps they need to take to increase their platform and to get published, and develop and execute a comprehensive strategy for achieving their goals. 



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